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Winter season is over! See you in next season!

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  • What are the ticket prices?

Here you can find all ski pass prices:

  • Where to buy tickets online?

Considering to your good feedback about the restriction of customer traffic on the mountain last year, when no one had to wait in line at the lifts, we decided to do the same this year. We will limit the number of customers to make skiing comfortable for everyone.

You will be able to purchase tickets for a certain hour through the mobile app ,,Ski pass Baltics’’


Or on web-site  

  • I wanted to buy a ticket today, but accidentally bought it tomorrow, what can I do?

We encourage everyone to buy tickets as carefully as possible and to check several times whether you have chosen the right time and date before paying. Money for tickets is not refundable. If it has already happened that you cannot use your ticket, we suggest transferring it to another person. You can also change the date and time of the entire order for an additional fee if there are more than 24 hours left before the start of the order. At the bottom of the order, you will see the "Change order" button.

  • Is it possible to buy tickets on the spot?

Those who do not want to plan their skiing time will still be able to buy tickets at Liepkalnis box office, but ticket prices at the box office will be higher in order to manage traffic. Buy tickets online - save and ski without waiting!

  • How to get to Liepkalnis?

Our address is Minskos pl. 2, Vilnius LT-02121. There are two entrances from the side of Minsko pl. or Liepkalnis str.

  • I want to rent equipment, how to do it?

You can pre-order the equipment and ticket through the Ski pass Baltics app, you will need to show the QR code to the rental point upon arrival, after reading it, the employee will give you the equipment, then go to the box office to pick up tickets with the same code and already rented equipment.

If you have not pre-ordered the equipment, you can also rent it on spot. At the rental point, hang stands with a QR code, when you scan it will open rental program, you will need to enter your data and the equipment you need, and you will receive a QR code when you fill it all up it will need to be shown to the rental point employee, after reading it, the employee will give you the equipment. Use a QR code to  pay for equipment rental at the box office.

  • When rental contract enters into force?

The inventory contract takes effect from the moment the equipment is issued.

  • How long return of equipment can be delayed?

15 minutes is automatically added to your rental time so you can put on your shoes, pick up your equipment, buy a ticket and climb the mountain. If you are more than 15 minutes late you will have to pay in the manner provided in the contract.

  • What is the smallest / largest equipment for rent?

The smallest skis 80 cm - suitable for a 100 cm tall customer;

The largest skis 170 cm - suitable for customers taller than 190 cm;

Ski boots in sizes 25 to 48;

The smallest snowboard 90 cm - suitable for 110 cm. tall customer;

The largest snowboard 163 cm - suitable for a 190 cm tall customer;

Snowboard boots in sizes 33 to 48.5.

  • Are helmets mandatory?

Helmets are mandatory on the Snow Park track, recommended on other tracks. For children up to 6 years. mandatory.

  • Do you rent clothes?


  • Are there lockers for things?

No, but the room of the rental point is filmed, the shelves installed in it are left for shoes or other items (we do not recommend leaving valuables).

  • Where is the toilet?

The toilet is in the building of the rental point and in the cafe. 

  • When do you retract the tracks?

We retract all tracks every night, unless it is raining or the temperature is higher than + 2`C at night.

We cannot retract during the day as it takes ~ 5 hours. + has a few hours to freeze so that the tracks remain stronger and do not dry out so quickly.

Like at all ski resorts in the world, the condition of the tracks is best in the morning!

  • What tracks and lifts works?

Information about working tracks  and lifts is published

  • How to find the condition of the tracks?

You can always have a real look around before you buy a lift ticket, and you can also ask our cashiers this question. You can watch the track live here:

  • Where can I see occupancy of the tracks?

You can see the occupancy of the tracks live here: 

  • When does Snow Park open?

Snow Park opens last. Forming and preparing the figures requires a stable minus temperature and a very large amount of snow. You can check if the park is already open here:

  • Is there paid parking?


  • Do you have full season accounts?

No, and we don’t plan to have it soon.

  • Is it possible to go tobogganing?

No, tobogganing is strictly forbidden in Liepkalnis, for the safety of you and your children.

  • Where to go if I want to work in LIEPKALNIS?

You can find more about vacancies here: