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Liepkalnis ski school

Winter season is over! See you in next season!

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**Class reservations made online or by phone are non-cancellable. You can apply to change the time and date of the lesson at least 24 hours before the start of the lesson.

Instructors at Liepkalnis Ski School

The ski school is run by certified professionals with certificates of winter sports instructors meeting the standards of the International Instructors' Association (ISIA). The instructors work according to Europe-wide methodology and no matter which instructors you choose - they will professionally evaluate your readiness and accurately improve your technique. We apply non-formal education principles to children and young people under the age of 18 in skiing lessons.

We pay special attention to teaching children and beginners

We start teaching kids from 3 to 4 years of age when children can start playing ski games and then gradually learn the skills they need. We teach children snowboarding from 6 years of age.

We recommend that children start their learning from individual lessons, and then they can be trained in larger groups with one or two instructors. To make children’s lessons more fun, the instructors are creating an obstacle course with fun, simple figures that adults can also try.  

Individual or group lessons

We offer individual or group lessons that you can get together with family members, friends and colleagues. Together you will enjoy the instructor's training and share good memories.

If you are planning a trip to the mountains and have never tried skiing or snowboarding, we recommend you to learn how to ski here, in Lithuania, on Liepkalnis trails. The skiing conditions in Liepkalnis are great and professional instructor team that will help you prepare for your holidays in the mountains. When you get to the mountains you can enjoy your holiday from the first moment!

We also invite people to learn who are already skilled to ski but want to improve their technique. The training with the instructor will help you expand your horizons, gain more confidence and learn all nuances about the winter sports.

We remind you that safe skiing will bring more pleasure to you and your children.

How to prepare your child for the first skiing lessons:

It is important to dress the child properly with skiing clothes, helmet, buy or rent skiing, snowboarding  inventory according to child’s height and weight, and have a napkin for running nose.

We advise, that the first ski lesson would be the main activity for the child that day. We do not recommend bringing children to ski after a lot of excitement and active leisure, at lunch time, or in a bad mood and not willing to ski.

Do not have very high expectations for your child's first workout on the snow, look at it as a cognitive, discovery and non-formal education of the child. Each child's lesson is based on his/hers ability to listen, perform tasks and greatly depends on his fitness preparation. The first workout should be an entertainment and a very pleasant time.

Please don’t distract children while learning watch small children's lessons from afar. It's best if you enjoy skiing at the time.

Ski and snowboarding learning prices (lift ticket and rental is not included in the price)

Duaration of lesson 50 min.
Individual lesson 35 €
Lesson for 2 people 50 €
Lesson for 3 people 60 €
Additional person in lesson (from 3 persons) 5 €



Important practical tips for the first time going skiing

  • Skiing will bring more pleasure and pleasure if you start learning to ski with an instructor. Professional tutorials and tips will protect you from unnecessary and sometimes painful experiences.
  • For children up to 8 years of age, we recommend  to book one lesson (50 minutes) and come to learn several times a week.
  • For older youth and adults, we recommend that you book longer workouts (1,5-3 lessons).
  • If a lesson with young children (3-7 years old) ends in less than 20 minutes due to the child's mood, illness, overwork, the school returns the money for the lesson.
  • We do not recommend organizing general lessons with people of different ages and levels (e.g., a child aged 3 to 8 years and an adult, or a person skiing for the first time and person who already knows how to use the ski lift).
  • When you book a lesson, arrive to Liepkalnis 30 minutes earlier. First, go to the ski school and only then go to the  inventory rental. The rental point has a  special queue for school’s clients although proper rental of the inventory and preparation for ride always take time.
  • The duration of a lesson is 50 Minutes lesson can start up to 15 minutes later than agreed upon by unforeseen circumstances.
  • The last lesson can start up to 21 o'clock in the evening. The tracks are perfectly lit to ski at night.
  • Keep in mind that after one lesson, you probably will not be able to go to the Alps, so it's important to know that everyone is learning to ski at an individual pace. Do not restrict yourself by limiting number of lessons and allow yourself to learn in your own pace. This will give you more pleasure in evaluating your achievements and progress after each lesson.
  • The Instructor waits for the Student(s) for 20 (twenty) minutes from the scheduled start time of the Lesson, and if the Student(s) does not come to the Lesson within the mentioned time, it is considered that the Student(s) did not come to the Lesson, unless otherwise agreed with the Ski School.
  • Before you arrive, familiarize yourself with the rules of the Winter Amusement Park.

It is possible to book lessons by calling till 9pm, but the ski school is open till 10pm.

To register for a lesson with an instructor, make sure you call the school hours of work:

Ski school opening time

I: 14:00 - 22:00

II-V: 12:00 - 22:00

VI: 09:00 - 21:00

VII: 09:00 - 21:00