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Winter season is over! See you in next season!

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In Liepkalnis, there is the biggest skiing and snowboarding equipment rental centre in the Baltic states. Here, you can rent everything that you need for winter fun: helmets, boots, skis or snowboards, ski poles. The equipment is suitable for people for all ages and abilities, a part of it is customised specially for kids from the age of 3. Also there is a possibility to rent twin tip skis for those who are looking for more extreme experiences. The gear arsenal is partly renewed in the beginning of every season as well as the staff takes good care of the gear and regularly wax skis and snowboards. Renting in Liepkalnis saves your time - you don't have to wonder where to rent and how to return it. There is no need to worry about the scarcity of equipment, we have plenty of skis, boots, and snowboards, so for sure we can gear up massive crowds!

Why is it worth to rent equipment in Liepkalnis?

  • You can be sure that the equipment rented in Liepkalnis will be always ready for use!
  • Our professional staff will select the most suitable equipment and adjust it according to your weight and height. 
  • When renting in Liepkalnis you can try on boots and swich them if you feel that htey are too tight or too big. 
  • You will avoid additional baggage, headache about returning the gear and it will save your time. 
  • You will save time and money by searching and testing the equipment everytime you go skiing.

Frequently asked questions about renting:

  • I want to rent equipment, how to do it?

You can pre-order the equipment and ticket through the Ski pass Baltics app, you will need to show the QR code to the rental point upon arrival, after reading it, the employee will give you the equipment, then go to the box office to pick up tickets with the same code and already rented equipment.

If you have not pre-ordered the equipment, you can also rent it on spot. At the rental point, hang stands with a QR code, when you scan it will open rental program, you will need to enter your data and the equipment you need, and you will receive a QR code when you fill it all up it will need to be shown to the rental point employee, after reading it, the employee will give you the equipment. Use a QR code to  pay for equipment rental at the box office.


  • When rental contract enters into force?

The inventory contract takes effect from the moment the equipment is issued.

  • How long return of equipment can be delayed?

15 minutes is automatically added to your rental time so you can put on your shoes, pick up your equipment, buy a ticket and climb the mountain. If you are more than 15 minutes late you will have to pay in the manner provided in the contract.

  • What is the smallest / largest equipment for rent?

The smallest skis 80 cm - suitable for a 100 cm tall customer;

The largest skis 170 cm - suitable for customers taller than 190 cm;

Ski boots in sizes 25 to 48;

The smallest snowboard 90 cm - suitable for 110 cm. tall customer;

The largest snowboard 163 cm - suitable for a 190 cm tall customer;

Snowboard boots in sizes 33 to 48.5.

  • Are helmets mandatory?

Helmets are mandatory on the Snow Park track, recommended on other tracks. For children up to 6 years. mandatory.

  • Do you rent clothes?


  • Are there lockers for things?

No, but the room of the rental point is filmed, the shelves installed in it are left for shoes or other items (we do not recommend leaving valuables).

Rental prices



1 H Additional 1 h.
Full set (skis, boots, poles, helmet or snowboard, boots, helmet)

12 €

4 €

Skis/ snowboard

5 €

3 €

Boots (skis.snowboard)

4 €

3 €

Ski poles

3 €

1,50 €


4 €

for skiing time